Hotel Nancy Rimini
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Albergo Nancy Rimini

Hotel Nancy

Vi da il benvenuto a Rimini

  • Entertainment on the beach
    (in collaboration with ‘bagno’-private beach, establishment 51 52)
  • Groups are welcome
  • Payment by credit card and POS
  • Animals of small size) permitted
  • Private parking at the hotel
  • Bar
  • Luggage storage
  • Babysitter service
  • Elevator
  • TV Room
  • Internet point
  • Bicycle service
  • Solarium with sun beds and shower
  • Direct room telephone
  • Hair drier

LAST MINUTE: last minute holidays to Rimini

Last Second and Last Minute Offers

Last Second and Last Minute Offers are the best offers available. This also stands for Rimini - the capital of the Italian entertainment. We recommend to e-mail or phone the hotel and enquire about special offers, last second or last minute. The existing offers are normally publicized. However, it is not always possible to update the website quickly. to access the website.

  • If you want to be informed about our future offers, leave us your e-mail, or else will only respond to your enquiry.

  • Phone directly  +39(0) 541-381731  information and bookings from09,00 to 22,00


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Where does the Last Second, Last Minute Offer come from?
For many years, the airline companies, and later the tourist operators and the travel agencies, have invented the Last Minute and the Last Second terms. It all comes from Microeconomics studies about the law of demand and supply, from the analysis of the fixed costs. An airline, a tourist agency, a tour operator have the obligation to offer services to those that need them. Even if they don’t succeed to optimize their own costs and are not able to sell most of their services, they however incur a fixed administration cost. Let’s consider as an example the airplane fuel. It’s more economical trying to sell all the seats in a plane at different prices as in their order of booking. Therefore, each and every one of us has a different ‘booking price’ from the other. For example for the businessman that HAS to be in a certain place, on a certain date, the price of the trip is relatively inferior to the person that could take the next flight or could take a seat only if there is one available. In this way, the airline companies have come up with the last minute offer, offering a smaller price to the persons that have an inferior booking price to the others. Taking this into account, the rooms are also given out as per a certain booking order .




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